Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt, The Topping Book


Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt, The Topping Book

Illustrated by Fish. San Francisco: Greenery Press, 1995.

First edition. [iv] 149 [iii]. Paperback, bound with black cloth tape at spine, in very good condition. 


The much-desired, standalone sequel to The Bottoming Book: or, how to get terrible things done to you by wonderful people (1994). The authors speak from a several decades of combined experience: Easton—“who identifies as a dyke queer bottom, but who tops beautifully,”— was a member of the S/M group The Society of Janus, and Liszt—who identifies as a “het top” who “plays both as a top and as a bottom, with both men and women,”—wrote The Sexually Dominant Woman: A Workbook for Nervous Beginners (1994). What follows is a comprehensive guide for the “player who has a basic grasp of the rudiments of S/M.” For those that do not fit that description, the authors recommend other resources, books, and groups as a first port of call—although they do begin with an accessible approach to the psychology behind S/M as a healthy, consensual form of sexual explanation, and most helpful of all, the book contains many firsthand accounts of experiences by the authors that make for good reading. Toward the end of the book more psychologically complex elements of S/M relationships and desires are explored in a chapter about “Shadowplay,” as well as an incredible meditation on “S/M Spirituality: From the Top” that considers the S/M spiritual path as a form of sex magic, involving ritual and manifestation: “In S/M we take a fantasy, a myth, a vision or a dream and manifest it, live it in our bodies, bring it into the material world and sculpt with the forces of endorphins, eroticism, and consciousness.” The cartoonish illustrations by Fish, an SF-based illustrator and publisher of Brat Attack: The Zine for Leatherdykes and Other Bad Girls, add to the quality of the book’s highly-charged material as sexy and approachable rather than tough and menacing—clearly a book written by wise bottoms with an eye for training the tops of the world to be their best selves.


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Brooke Palmieri