Camp Books was founded in the summer of 2018 by Brooke Sylvia Palmieri, after a lifetime of reading, writing, and working with books, and an abiding interest the history of the creation and circulation of books about radical politics in general, and gender non-conforming people in particular. In addition to academic work, Brooke has experience cataloguing private small archives & collections; consulting and developing exhibitions. Most recently they served on the Advisory Board for Queer Between the Covers.

A Philadelphia native now living in London, Brooke has worked on both sides of the Atlantic in libraries, bookshops, and as a writer, educator, and volunteer in archives and special collections, both institutional and community-run. In addition to running Camp Books with Frankie, adopted in 2014 from Terrier Rescue, since 2015 Brooke has edited Printing History, the journal of the American Printing History Association, and beginning in 2016 has served as a member of the faculty at London Rare Book School, teaching "The Queer Book." Part of Brooke’s work as Camp Books includes writing, lecturing, delivering workshops about LGBTQ+ and gender non-conforming history. Recent lectures include “A Queer View of Printing,” deliveres as the 109th George Parker Winship lecture in Bibliography at the Houghton Library of Harvard University. Brooke is also an avid printer and studio member at the London Centre for Book Arts, where Camp Books’ printed matter is made.

To learn a little more about Camp Books, see Brooke's interview at the Fine Books & Collections blog, or you can read a more detailed CV of Brooke's work here. Best of all, drop us a line below if you have any questions, or simply if you have a shared interest and are in search of a sense of community.


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