Stop AIDS Project

Stop AIDS Project


“Take Action Young Gay and Bisexual Men”

San Francisco, Department of Public Health AIDS Office and Stop AIDS Project, [c. 1992]

Offset litho poster, 280 x 217 mm folded, 560 x 217 opened.

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 A boldly-colored foldout poster featuring a fist wearing a condom as a ring. The inside contains incredibly compelling text about the spread of AIDS highlighting the emotional impact, beginning with “FEAR:”

If the current trends continue, a third of us will be infected with HIV by age 30. We dread the reality of that infection rate. The fear creeps up on us when we are in the arms of our tricks and lovers: the prospect of our own slow deaths, the grief which will come with burying our friends.

It moves through “ANGER,” (“We’re angry at the complacency all around us”) “LOVE,” (“Loving each other is a radical act.”) and ends with “ACTION:”

The epidemic is in our hands. We cannot afford the terrible losses of the generation which came before us. We cannot leave it to AIDS professionals, AIDS charities, or government AIDS bureaucrats to solve the problem. As young gay and bi men, we need to work together to keep each other alive.

In smaller text surrounding this beautifully written manifesto, there are ways to get involved: the Q Business Alliance, safe sex workshops, direct action, outreach, and finally a call to get in touch with other ideas and alternatives. The “Stop AIDS Project” was founded in 1985 that focused on community-based organizing especially among young people to prevent the spread of AIDS. It was eventually taken over by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, who still runs programs in its name. The poster itself was part of a striking series—held at the Wellcome Collection—designed by M-A-D (Erik Adigard and Patricia McShane).


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