Mary Midgett, "Meet Lesbian Friends"

Mary Midgett, "Meet Lesbian Friends"


San Francisco: [c. December 1982].

Photocopied flyer, 280 x 217 mm, in very good condition on pink paper with stamp to lower left of verso, “DEC. 1982.”

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A simple, succinct advertisement for a Lesbian connection service with a membership fee of $7.00: “Meet Lesbian Friends Introductions,” with a San Francisco telephone number to contact “Midgett” for more information. The look of the flyer draws from what had become the iconic typefaces of the countercultural and gay liberation movements by the 1980s: Louis Minott’s Davida (1965), and a classic stencil. A wonderful piece of ephemera attesting to the work of friendship- and community-building in an age before social media.

“Midgett”—the facilitator of the service—is Mary Midgett (b. 1936), a Bay Area writer, journalist, and activist. She worked on the Third World/People of Color Conferences, co-launched the Bay Area Black Lesbians and Gays, and has self-published several books of erotica—New York Flavor with a San Francisco Beat, Brown on Brown: Black Lesbian Erotica, and Girlfriends, I’m 81 and Still Having Fun. Now 83, Midgett—a truly beautiful soul, described as “a happy camper” by Openhouse, a charity she works with—still writes prolifically, including at her blog “Midgett’s Corner” and in a column for her local newspaper, The Western Edition

Of all Camp Books’ intensely researched items & carefully chosen citations, this object deserves as much attention paid to its FURTHER READING section as you have to give.


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