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Camp Books is powered by over 10 years of experience handling rare materials, and an extensive reference library related to bibliography and LGBTQ+ history. Please feel free to use the research and descriptions of each book offered here for educational purposes, and when remixing or duplicating the material here, please cite Camp Books (campbooks.biz) and highlight any changes you have made. If there are any further materials, images, or readings we can provide to assist in your own work—especially educational or artistic—please contact us in the form at the bottom of this page. Camp Books is committed to making the information each object contains as widely accessible as possible in facsimile or other formats whenever possible.



The books offered here are a mixture of Camp Books’ own stock and items offered on consignment. Pricing is based on condition and rarity as determined through research, especially relying upon OCLC and ViaLibri.net, and/or on the value determined by consigners. Objects sold pay for the running of the business through the purchase of further materials. Camp Books cannot offer appraisals, but if you are interested in offering materials for sale or consignment, please get in touch.



Prices are in pounds sterling, and shipping is calculated after you order. If you are based in London we can arrange delivery or pick-up in person to avoid shipping costs. All goods remain property of Camp Books until payment is received in full. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return the object within 10 business days.

Community & Sustainability

Camp Books is careful about how it spends its money, supporting queer- and POC-run businesses first & foremost wherever possible (so far it’s ever possible). The aim is to recycle second-hand materials as the raw material powering a fringe economy that only supports ethically sourced labor and materials. To that end Camp Books is also committed to the environment, running its digital platform on wind energy and using only recycled and/or recyclable materials for its day to day operations, stationery, printing, and shipping.

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